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Please note that messages sent via this form will reach one of his assistants first and will be relayed to Dr. Geisler. Norm does enjoy hearing from people who have been impacted by his books and lectures. Encouragement and/or sincere questions will always be forwarded. Bizarre or belligerent emails may not be answered or forwarded at all. General questions may be answered by Norm’s web team rather than being forwarded. Norm receives dozens of questions by email each week and can’t always take the time to provide an in-depth response. Mail volumes are very high and we can give no guarantees about the timeliness of the response nor the length of  the answer.

If you’d like to invite Dr. Geisler to speak at your conference or church, please  email or call (951) 382 – 4760. Also please note that Norm prefers to stay within a three-hour drive/flight radius from Charlotte, North Carolina.


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