Dr. Mark M. Hanna Stands with Dr. Geisler Against Theological Erosion and Hermeneutical Aberrations

Dr. Mark M. Hanna Stands with Dr. Geisler Against Theological Erosion and Hermeneutical Aberrations

February 27th, 2012

Dear Norm,

I just read your excellent letters and articles pertaining to the issues raised by Licona’s views.  I want you to know that I stand with you completely.  You have stated your case with absolutely compelling arguments.  It is not a minor matter as some contend, for it carries far-reaching implications that should not be passed over as unimportant.

I think that defenses by some individuals of Licona’s views on the matter and their criticisms of you show that they do not understand why this is not a trivial issue.  You have done the cause of Christ a great service by clarifying what is involved and by presenting an airtight refutation of his dehistoricizing of Scripture.

I know of no one who is doing more to combat theological erosion and hermeneutical aberrations than you.  I am sure that God is keeping you with us to fulfill a much needed defense of the truth of the Bible.  As you rightly say, if the foundations are undermined, we have nothing left.

With great appreciation for the person you are and the work you do,


Mark M. Hanna is a full time writer and was for many years the Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and World Religions at Talbot School of Theology and California State University.  He also taught at the University of Southern California, where he earned M.A. degrees in philosophy and world religions and a Ph.D. in philosophy. He lived in the Middle East for four years, earning his B.A. at the American University in Beirut. He has lectured in numerous universities and theological schools around the world. He is the author of Biblical Christianity: Truth or Delusion? (link), Crucial Questions in Apologetics (link), and The True Path: Seven Muslims Make Their Greatest Discovery (link).  Dr. Geisler described Dr. Hanna’s Biblical Christianity as “masterly and brilliant!”





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