Philosophy of Religion, second edition

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Philosophy of Religion chosen as a “Choice Evangelical Book of the Year” by Christianity Today (1975). Many people still appreciate deeply to this day.

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Philosophy of Religion

Second Edition
By Dr. Norman Geisler, Winfried Corduan
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ISBN 10: 1-59244-134-3
ISBN 13: 978-1-59244-134-1
Pages: 402
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/15/2003
Street Date: 01/15/2003
Division: Wipf and Stock
Category: Theology

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Widely acclaimed!

Is there any basis in reality for a religious experience?
Is there any basis in reason for belief in God?
Is it even possible to speak meaningfully of a transcendent being?
And how does one account for evil?

The authors answer these questions, representing the four most important issues in the philosophy of religion, in a comprehensive way and “form the perspective of classical theism.” They support this position with in-depth argumentation, taking into account both classical and contemporary writers.

With its well-outlined text, Philosophy of Religion is “user friendly.” An introduction, chapter summaries, a glossary, indexes, and bibliography contribute to this end.

In this second edition, the authors have not only updated the text and bibliography, but also refined some of the arguments, “scaled down and evened out” the vocabulary, and added several pedagogical aids. The first edition, written by Norman L. Geisler alone, appeared in 1974.