Resources by Norman Geisler on Roman Catholicism

Before becoming an influential voice in the evangelical world, Norm Geisler was raised in a Roman Catholic community, earned his Master’s Degree and Doctorate at Jesuit universities, came to appreciate Aquinas and Augustine as two of his favorite theologians, and gave the Catholicism-versus-Protestantism questions a great amount of consideration. 

Here is a list of books by Dr. Geisler has written that are related to Roman Catholicism:

  • Is Rome the True Church? A Consideration of the Roman Catholic Claim (Crossway Books: 2008)
  • Roman Catholics and Evangelicals: Agreements and Differences (Baker Academic: 1995).
  • Should Old Aquinas Be Forgotten? (Bastion Books: 2013)
  • What Augustine Says (Bastion Books: 2013)
  • Is the Pope Infallible: A Look at the Evidence (Bastion Books: 2012)
  • Systematic Theology (Bethany House: 2002-2011) [More Info]

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