Favorite Links

Some of Dr. Geisler’s Favorite Websites and Blogs

Bastion Books

Norman Geisler International Ministries

Meekness and Truth


Southern Evangelical Seminary

Veritas Evangelical Seminary

International Society of Christian Apologetics

Reshift Ministries

Summit Ministries


Dr. Thomas Howe’s blog (Howe Random)

Dr. Richard Howe’s Website & Dr. Richard Howe’s Blog

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Win Corduan – site1 and site2


Centre de philosophie et Apologétique chrétienne


Favorite Videos

October Baby (movie trailer on youtube)

What Happens After I Die? (youtube video)

Is God Good?(youtube video)

180 – The Movie(youtube video – English)

The One Minute Apologist(youtube channel)

Norm Geisler on One Minute Apologist



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